Why Lafeste Events?

With a proper event organisation agency your corporate identity will be additionally noticed. Lafeste team is focused on understanding the needs and wishes of our clients and creation of a unique event experience.

We offer assistance in project design, planning, financial control, promotion and marketing, as well as the technical implementation of the project.

  • Personal / flexible approach 7 days a week

  • Boutique agency based on years of experience

  • More than 25 years in the event industry

  • Passion for new experiences

  • Great knowledge and expertise

  • Large network of local partners

  • Creative programme development

  • Complete and detailed programme

  • System to save time and expenditure

  • Flexibility in dealing with last-minute requests

  • Programme event solutions designed according to the style and budget of each client

  • Faultless operations

  • Full insurance policy, obtaining permits, etc.

  • Planning in crisis situations and emergency cases

  • Responsible approach to the environment and local communities

  • Contribution to sustainable tourism development and environmental protection

Lafeste Evens create experiences “behind the scenes”, “outside the beaten track” – which means authenticity and not just exclusivity. From popular tourist routes to hidden gems, we seek virgin landscapes, unusual attractions, town squares and fortresses of historic importance which lead to genuine interaction with the local population and their fascinating way of life.

With Lafeste you can organise fund raising campaigns for sea protection of humanitarian purposes.


Office Split:
Josipa Jovića 22
mobile: +385 98 948 0700
e-mail: lafeste@lafeste.hr